Do you want to
increase your profits?

and retain
your customers

Introduce Apple Wallet
and Google Pay e-cards
in your business

Сreate the loyalty cards that will be always on your customers’ smartphones. Make an abatement, charge bonus points and tell about promotions in order not to lose your customers

Alternative to plastic
cards and apps.

User-friendly format that does not
require carrying a card with you

Additional software
is not required

everything has already
been pre-installed


the design, notices and texts can be updated on maps online without reissuing of the card.


Unlimited notifications

Send PUSH-messages about promotions, sales, change of status, accrual of bonuses for FREE!

Remote issuance of cards

The client will receive and install the card by reference or QR-code in any convenient place (without personal presence).


Send an automatic message about the action when the client is within 100 meters of your geolocation point.

Convenient implementation of the bonus program

All settings are edited in your account in 15 minutes. Synchronization with third-party services is not required .

Personal account with analytics

Reports on the issued cards and returning clients. Statistics on the accrued bonuses and revenue.

Stock personalization

You can make customized offers to the customers.

How does the
service work?

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5

Your client receives an
electronic card

Your client saves
bonuses or discounts on it.

You remind yourself through
PUSH-notifications and PUSH-targeting

The data on the client card
is updated in real time after
receiving a PUSH-notification

Thanks to the convenient
interaction with the card,
the customer makes purchases
more and more often.

Obtaining of the card


You send the link by sms, e-mail, instant messengers. Or you poste it on social networks and on the site.


You place the QR-code on table labels, posters, magazines, outdoor advertising, cinema screen flyers or menus, as well as on goods and products

Reading the QR-code or clicking on the link, the client enters on the page of loyalty card registration.

The client fills out an electronic form.

The client receives an electronic loyalty card of your company.

You get customer information in your database.

What does the card look like?

Bonus account

Image with
your design

Amount of

Personal code

Go to the
back side

Data of a
bonus account

Client feedback




for your client

  • No need to carry the plastic card
  • Card is always with you
  • Ease of recieving the card
  • Cards work offline
  • Waiver of paper forms
  • Opportunities to share the card
  • Promotional informations is always on a display
  • Data security

Economic benefit

The issue of the
plastic cards

Costs for printing plastic cards are being reduced. The problem with reissue in the case of lossing or rebranding is going away.

your app

Developing the app requires a lot of time and money. According to statistics, the dynamics of installing new applications is falling by users.


A large number of paid sms-notifications replaces unlimited and free PUSH, allowing you to save money for other marketing channels.

The fraud

All electronic cards are registered and work upon presentation. The staff can`t use the guest`s card for their own purposes, and the client can`t to use someone else's card.

Why is it beneficial
with us?

  • Integration without additional software
  • Free implementation for any program
  • We guarantee data security
  • If we donn`t connect for two weeks, we will promise the first 2 months for free
  • 24/7 technical support
  • We help to set up a loyalty program

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The ability
to introduce
cards in
your business

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Companies that are already connected to our service

Integration of electronic cards with sales accounting systems and CRM

We have implemented the integration of our service with all common sales automation systems and built-in CRM. Also, our service can be fully connected to your SOFTWARE, without the presence of CRM in it